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New Revision Resource

Best of luck on Wednesday.

Think positive !  You can do it ! Read the questions carefully. Check over your work for careless mistakes.

Make sure you have all the

equipment you need.

Pens, pencils, erasers, calculator.


Note new solutions 3 & 4 at foot of


Credit Course - Interactive

This is an interactive resource. It contains over 65 pages in the form of a mind map - containing brief notes, worked examples and a formulae test. You can choose to display more information  using the +icon,  minimise the information using the -icon and use the hyperlinks to go to a new page with more material in greater detail. It is in the form of a ZIP file and will need to be unzipped before use. When you have downloaded the file, right-click on it and select open with Windows Explorer. This should open a window with the unzipped file in it. Drag this file to the desktop. To view it you will need to download Edraw Mind Map. This is a FREE download and you can get it here. Download Edraw Mind Map Make sure you download Edraw Mind Map and NOT Edraw Max, as this is a trial and will expire.
Download Credit Course Interactive Download Credit Course Interactive
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GCredit Maths
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